In ancient times, the Hotel Restaurant Montegrappa was a postal station and a rest stop where travellers could spend the night before leaving. While the horses were sleeping inside the stable, the blacksmith was arranging for the replacement of the horseshoes.

According to tradition, the producers of graspa (grappa) received the sarpe, the leftovers from wine making after pressing the grapes, used to made grappa.

Since 1971 the Hotel Restaurant Montegrappa is owned by Bolzon family’s. The Hotel is situated in Castelcucco, a little town full of history, art and culture in a territory that offers a lot of cultural exhibitions and dining experiences. The Hotel is very close to Possagno, Asolo, Crespano del Grappa, Bassano del Grappa, Castelfranco Veneto and it is located on the slopes of Monte Grappa, an historical place well-known for its war memorial monument and the panoramic Pedemontana’s landscape.

The Bolzon family’s has renovated the Hotel several times, the last one in 2006, in order to gain a 3-star classification and to be able to satisfy all sort of customers requirements.